Bulletproof Collagen Protein

Stay strong and vibrant with Collagen Protein.

  • It’s hard to get enough protein. Collagen Protein makes it easy and supports healthy skin, bones and joints.†
  • Made of pure hydrolyzed collagen peptides, so it’s easy for your body to absorb and use all the good stuff.
  • Mixes easily! Just add 1-2 scoops to your favorite drink and raise a glass to you.

Say hello to glowing skin and strong joints.

Flavorless powder you can add to anything, from smoothies to your favorite recipes.

Stir Chocolate Collagen Protein into coffee for a tasty mocha. Vanilla tastes GREAT in baked goods.

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Why people love Bulletproof Collagen Protein

Customer testimonial

"The best collagen protein! Bulletproof, a brand you can trust! After losing 95 lbs. and not eating a lot of meat, I needed protein and this product fills in the gap. Helps with hair, skin, nails and joints. Highly recommend."

- Ashley P.
Customer testimonial

"I have Bulletproof Collagen Protein every morning in my coffee. It keeps me satisfied throughout my workout and gives my skin, nails and hair the nourishment they need. I definitely notice a difference."

- Sandra H.
Customer testimonial

"I heavily endorse this product. Anytime someone asks how I got so ripped or ‘What are you doing because you look REALLY good,’ I tell them about this product. It gives me the edge I need."

- Jesica D.
Customer testimonial

"I thoroughly enjoyed the rich, smooth flavor of the chocolate collagen … Since taking the collagen I've noticed that my nails are stronger and that I'm trimming them more often."

- Steve M.

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