Sleep Mode - 60 Ct.

4.3 star rating 385 Reviews

Power Down. Charge Up.

Sleep Mode - 60 Ct.

4.3 star rating 385 Reviews

Power Down. Charge Up.

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Recharged and Refreshed Mornings

Recharged and Refreshed Mornings

Beat Stress, Fall Asleep, Stay Asleep†

Beat Stress, Fall Asleep, Stay Asleep

Optimal Dose of Plant-sourced Melatonin

Optimal Dose of Plant-sourced Melatonin

Drug-free Sleep Support†

Drug-free Sleep Support

Sleep Better, Faster

  • Support better sleep to avoid feeling tired or groggy the next day
  • Relieve stress and wind down when you’re ready
  • Strengthen your normal sleep pattern to supercharge your days ahead
Woman sleeping

The Right Amount of the Right Stuff

  • Clinically-backed, optimal dose of bioidentical melatonin
  • L-Ornithine, an adaptogenic amino acid that acts on cortisol, your stress hormone
  • Brain Octane® oil as efficient fuel for cellular recovery during sleep
Bulletproof Sleep Mode capsules

Zzzs, Please

Take one serving (two softgels) 30 minutes before bed for healthy, refreshing sleep.

Bulletproof Sleep Mode bottle

Ingredients Story

Achieve better sleep with a non-habit forming, drug-free formula.

Amount Per Serving (2 Softgels):

Plant-sourced, Bioidentical Melatonin0.3mg (300mcg)
Natural hormone released in the absence of light to promote sleep onset. Sleep Mode contains an optimal clinically-studied dose shown to improve sleep efficiency without causing an unnatural spike of melatonin into the morning. This is especially important because higher doses have been shown to remain in your body into the next day, which may not be ideal for peak performance.
An adaptogenic amino acid that lowers the stress marker cortisol so your body can beat stress and power down for the night. The latest scientific studies suggest that a dose of 400mg strengthens a normal sleep pattern.
Brain Octane oil500mg
Supports the energy your body uses during sleep to prepare for the next day.

Other Ingredients

Gelatin, glycerin, sunflower lecithin, silicon dioxide, purified water, zinc oxide, curcumin.

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Sleep Mode - 60 Ct. has a rating of 4.3 stars based on 388 reviews.