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"I used to have caffeine jitters that left me shaky and anxious but then I started drinking Bulletproof Coffee and now I feel an even, steady lift in energy instead of the usual crash. What a difference. Even when I travel, I take it with me, so I am never without. I trust their products and how they source ingredients and can't get enough!"

- Kathleen R.

"Bulletproof™ French Kick is my go-to beverage on “fasting day” mornings. Great flavor without the jittery crash. Added to a balanced diet and I was able to shrink my dad-bod from a party keg to a 6-pack! I can see my toes again (through the beard of course)!"

- Llyod B.

"Bulletproof Coffee tastes great, but more importantly, it makes me FEEL great. I love Luminate whole bean in the mornings and Original decaf at night!"

- Rebecca P.

"The quality of these coffees has turned me into the ultimate coffee nerd."

- Krister D.

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