Introducing a Bold New Bottle for Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil

Two years in the making, high-performance Brain Octane oil now has a cutting-edge bottle to match! Try it out in your choice of sizes – from 16-ounce to 32-ounce, or save 10% with a 3-pack bundle:

More than 20 prototypes and six pending patents went into creating a better bottle for Brain Octane oil. And the result is an easy to grip, mess-free container that lets you drizzle just the right amount of Brain Octane right where it belongs.

That means you can blend this ketogenic fuel into your Bulletproof Coffee, cook with it, and drizzle it on your favorite foods – without a single drop going to waste.

Bottle Prototypes

Everything from the new flip-top cap to the slope and sharpness of the lip is designed to give you the most precise pour possible. Plus, built-in plugs reseal the bottle every time you close it, so you can put it in your bag to stay fueled on-the-go – without worrying about oily leaks.

Bonus: If you used to portion out your Brain Octane oil with a tablespoon or your bottle cap, you’ll love these new bottles. No mess and more control means you can easily free-pour and ‘eyeball’ the right amount every time.

Pour SpoutLip PlugsVent-Hole

We can’t wait to hear what you think of the new bottles. So make sure to leave a review once you get a chance to try them. And happy pouring!

Click here to get Brain Octane oil in the new mess-free, precision-pour bottles – in your choice of sizes (remember, you can save 5% on every shipment with free shipping when you subscribe).