Better Ocean. Better You.

A school of fish

What we put into our food supply is what we get out of it. At Bulletproof, it is our mission to not only provide you with the best possible food and supplements imaginable, but to ensure future generations can do the same. The ocean is a very delicate ecosystem, with each species playing a critical role in maintaining Earth’s most valuable resource. Omega Krill Complex was formulated thoughtfully, with your health and the health of the planet top-of-mind. We followed the ocean near and far to bring you this one-of-a-kind omega supplement. Our fish and krill come straight from certified sustainable fisheries who are dedicated to minimizing environmental impact by following strict guidelines that support the fish and krill population, the population of their predators, and the health of their ecosystem.

Omega-3s are considered essential fatty acids, meaning your body can’t produce enough of them on its own and you must get them from food or supplements. While it may seem logical to simply eat as much fish as you can possibly stomach, supplementing your omegas from a pure and natural source may be the most healthful solution for three key reasons:

  • • Contamination: Unfortunately, the time and energy Bulletproof has put into partnering with our environmentally conscious partners isn’t the norm. Due to industrial contamination of many of our oceans—the larger the fish and longer it lives—the more likely it is to be contaminated with PCBs, mercury, pesticides and more.
  • • Amounts: In order to get the full range of omega-3 cardiovascular and brain health benefits, clinical studies show you need to consume upwards of 1,700 milligrams of EPA and more than 900 milligrams DHA per day.4 That’s a fresh, wild-caught fish every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner—and if you’d prefer to go the route of a plain krill oil—you’d need to take a whole bunch. Or you can simply take two-servings of Omega Krill Complex per day.
  • • Diversity: Omega-3 sources like krill and fish roe are complementary to typical fish oil forms because they are rich in phospholipids. Phospholipid bound omega-3 DHA is more readily absorbed into brain tissue.

That is why Omega Krill Complex contains a diverse mix of 100% wild caught fish and krill—sourced straight from pure waters and sustainable fisheries—never farmed or genetically modified. This unique combination of Antarctic krill, Norwegian herring roe, and Pacific sardine, anchovy and mackerel was specifically chosen to offer an ideal balance and dose of omega-3s in phospholipid and complementary forms. Due to the pristine cold waters in which they live, in addition to their small size and short life spans, all of them have minimal risk of exposure to oceanic toxins when compared to other fish. To ensure purity and potency, it is also strictly tested by a third-party lab.