Limited Edition Small Batch Tanzania Coffee

High atop the mesas in Mlama, Tanzania, the coffee groves of Mlama Estate are guarded by cloud-ringed Mount Kilimanjaro. Directly from Mlama Estate, Tanzania Small Batch is a glimpse into the region in which it is grown — the altitude, the soil and the people.

This limited release coffee is a medium-light roast with a bold and juicy citrus flavor, reminiscent of pink grapefruit. Every coffee bean is hand-picked with care, then sorted and washed to deliver the best quality brew to your kitchen.

Every batch of single-origin coffee is unique, which is what makes it special. This coffee is something you savor, sip by sip. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Try Tanzania Small Batch now and treat yourself to one heavenly brew.

Bulletproof Mlama small batch single origin coffee bag and a Bulletproof beaker-style coffee mug

Coffee for the greater good

Despite enduring almost 60 inches of yearly rainfall, farmers in Mlama, Tanzania teamed up to create systems that help the entire region of crops prosper. Mlama farms are environmentally and socially conscious, harnessing the area's year-round sunshine to generate solar-powered electricity for all their farms.

Single-origin coffee brings you closer to the source of your brew, and small batches allow farmers to focus on quality. All Bulletproof coffee beans are purchased at a premium to support the growers, sustainable farm operations and a truly delicious brew.

Plus, Bulletproof donates 1% of proceeds from this coffee to Tanzanian schools, which helps provide school lunches for local students. So with every bag of limited edition Tanzania Small Batch, you’ll get a coffee that’s unparalleled in quality — and some extra karma points, too.

Tanzanian children reading a book

Experience Tanzania Small Batch Now

We’re excited to bring you Tanzania Small Batch, now available for a limited time. Enjoy this limited release on its own, or to enhance your next cup of Bulletproof Coffee. After all, when you drink something every day, you should enjoy it as much as possible.